Here at Waves we are proud to present a new (and our first) column for your favourite day of the week, Friday, titled “French Friday”, containing, well you know.. all things from the land of cheese, wine and berets!

First up on the plate is well known French producer Fred Falke. Fred started his career as a bass player around 1995 and it was his discovery of Sugar Hill Records that made him want to combine music instruments and sequencers. As a result, he went out and bought his first drum machine, synthesizer and a four-track tape recorder, creating the foundations of his first home studio. Since his first release on Vulture “Intro”, Fred dedicates himself to production work and remixes for the likes of Goldfrapp, Kelis and Jamiroquai. We were lucky enough to get into contact with him just before he embarks on his Australian tour…

WAVES: Which producers/artists do you look to for inspiration?
F. FALKE: Daft Punk, Snoop Dog, Neptunes, Lupe Fiasco, The Who.

WAVES: Who have made a huge impact on the way you view music?
F. FALKE: Daft Punk, Dennis Wilson, Chic, Paul Williams.

WAVES: You were part of the music-project ‘Defender’ with Alan Braxe and Savage, bringing out a 12” on Vulture Music back in 2005. How did this project come about?
F. FALKE: When I started to work on Bliss I asked my close friend Savage to play the guitar on the track. Then the three of us decided to do another track much more rock influenced and that is how ‘Defender’ came about.

WAVES: Does your solo work differ much from the type of music you were producing with Alan Braxe?
F. FALKE: It doesn’t differ that much from our old projects. Although I have my own different influences that I release through my music.

WAVES: Do you think you’ll work with Alan Braxe again in the future?
F. FALKE: No we have gone in separate directions. I have found other people that I have shared the same ideas with and have began our new productions in which I am very excited about.

WAVES: Kris Menace, another well known producer in the French scene, has teamed up with you in the past with the release ‘Fairlight’ back in 2006. In addition, you also have had two releases on his label “Work It Baby”. Please describe your relationship with Kris and also how did you and Kris come together?
F. FALKE: Kris asked me to remix his track ‘Missile Test’ a few years ago and since then we have gone from a business relationship to a strong friendship.

WAVES: Your latest EP ‘Music for My Friends‘ re-visits those catchy house melodies that made you the house-hold name that you are today while introducing new influences and sounds. What was the creative process that went into these new tracks and the making of the EP?
F. FALKE: Kris at first asked me to prepare a release through ‘Work It Baby’. This started as me showing him ‘Last Wave’ and him being very excited. I then found inspiration for ‘Sanctuary’ which made the b-side to the release. I felt that it was right for me to release the old way and prepared a four track ep. Kris was excited about the idea and I began to create ‘808 at the Beach’ and ‘Love Theme’.

WAVES: Have you found yourself using the same equipment now then what you were using when you first began producing music?
F. FALKE: No my whole set up has completely changed. When I started my production I did not have any computers. I was always using my hardware samplers (roland s760 and ensoniq asr10) and sequencers (emu sp1200 and akai mpc60). I used to have a lot of vintage synthesisers, keyboards and drum machines but I decided to minimise my setup because less is more. Now I’m using a Mac with Ableton live, apogee interface, studio electronics synth but I still keep my sp1200 and asr10 for their specific classic sound.

WAVES: How do Europeans, in your opinion, view Australian music?
F. FALKE: The Europeans like Australian music and production but especially the electro productions by artists like Cut Copy, Ladyhawke etc.
WAVES: Has today’s Australian music made a large impact in Europe?
F. FALKE: I think it is starting.

WAVES: Do you think this cross-pollination of genres is going to phase out?
F. FALKE: The mix between the genres is what makes music move on. I think it is here to stay.
WAVES: Any comments on the vast amounts of dance bands out there?
F. FALKE: It’s great!

WAVES: Do you think house music is making a comeback amongst today’s generation of dance music and how is it different from the house music ten years back?
F. FALKE: To me it has never gone away. Maybe it has not been in the spotlight but has still been home to many.

WAVES: What are your views on the way new tracks and music are sourced today by DJ’s and fans? i.e. Blog sites and digital downloads.
F. FALKE: I think it’s great because people can react very quickly to new tracks and tracks begin to gain expose to vast amounts of music lovers.

WAVES: Just adding to that, any comments on the changing landscape of the music industry? i.e. how it’s easier to get music across but harder to actually sell.
F. FALKE: Nowadays its very challenging to reach an audience. It’s great because it pushes the artist to be creative. If the listeners see your creativity they are willing to buy your music.

WAVES: When I first read that you remixed a Whitest Boy Alive track, I jumped for joy. How on earth did this come about?
F. FALKE: Whitest Boy Alive asked me for remix and since I am a fan of Erlend’s voice I was more than happy to do it.

WAVES: Any new productions coming up in the near future? Remixes or a new album?
F. FALKE: I have just finished a remix for Ladyhawke amounts other artists and I have a new track coming out soon on Eyeindustries. I am also working on my album.

WAVES: Lastly, any closing words you wish to say for the readers out there?
F. FALKE: Thank you for supporting my music and I really enjoy receiving great comments on myspace. It’s very encouraging.

WAVES: Thank you once again Fred. All the best for the Australian tour and the future!

If you missed the Triple J interview + mix last Saturday night well don’t fret; its right here at your fingertips to be heard. Also, tune into Third Class radio tonight at 10pm for more Falke action.

MP3: Fred Falke – Fred Falke Mix Up on Triple J 29-03-2008 [zshare]
MP3: Fred Falke – Sanctuary
MP3: Fred Falke – Omega Man
MP3: Menace & Adam – Missile Test (Fred Falke Remix)
MP3: Bodyrox Feat. Luciana – Yeah Yeah (Fred Falke Vocal Mix)

Yes you heard correctly, Falke is touring the land of Oz so make sure you don’t miss out on one of his great shows around the country. Here are the Australian tour dates:
05 Apr 2008 Tick Tock with DROP THE LIME (USA) – Perth
10 Apr 2008 Family – Brisbane
11 Apr 2008 Roxanne – Melbourne
13 Apr 2008 Sounds on Sunday – Sydney

For more information, visit jsquared².

  1. banjo

    good work with the interview guys. cant wait to see him at roxanne!!!

  2. Phil

    Great job, Wavers. It was good to hear Mr. Falke’s opinions on the scene.

  3. Falke is my new obsession. Great interview and the mix is spot on. THANKS!

  4. Saw him on sat night and he was great, dropped the new Whitest Boy Alive mix and VHS or Beta too. I’m sure everyone will enjoy

  5. had a chat with the dude when i saw him in a shitty bar on the mornington peninsula (south of melbourne). he drinks asahi if you were wondering..

  6. Josh K

    I think all of Fred Falke’s production that I have heard lacks soul or life and just sounds dull.

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