During the mid-’90s, the short-lived Speedking released four nearly impossible-to-find 7″s, toured with Six Finger Satellite (The Juan Maclean’s previous outfit) and June of 44, and quickly disbanded. But the 2002 release of The Fist and the Laurels, a two-disc anthology including the New York City band’s previously unreleased full-length as well as their 7″ output, proves Speedking to be one of the great acts of the ’90s and the leader in the return of no wave’s danceable guitar thrash. The group, headed up by DFA and Plantain Studios owner James Murphy, laid the groundwork for bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Liars, and Whirlwind Heat by combining the aggressive, street-level avant-garde of Sonic Youth with Slint textures and a trashy, hypnotic focus on dance noise not seen since the early no wave days of James Chance & the Contortions. I highly recommend seeking this one out.

MP3: Speedking – Millionth Monkey

Now, The Legends new album ‘Over And Over’ has me in two different minds. One half is static laden buzz-pop, taking huge cues from The Jesus & Mary Chain’s amazing debut ‘Psychocandy’, and the other half impossibly catchy dream pop, but those two sides kinda feels like trying to mix oil and water in this case. It doesn’t know quite what it wants to be. This track below though I am digging.

MP3: The Legends – Touch

  1. polk

    thanks for sharing the speedking stuff. all the murphy and none of the cowbell: count me in. and don’t even get me started on six finger satellite…one of the truly original, definitely rocking bands of the nineties. if only more people had heard of them, then, oh wait, er, nevermind.

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