Anyone reading out there remotely as interested in Post-Punk and New Wave as I am will surely fall hard for these guys.

The Comsat Angels were an early 80′s band from Sheffield and Doncaster, England, active from 1978 to 1995. Basically, I got into the these guys after listening to The Chameleons first album and making a love for life. I wanted more of that deep, big post-punk sound they were pushing, and I heard that ‘Sleep No More’ by the Comsat Angels was a similar listen. It’s an instant classic.

They range from underpolished proto-post-punk (1st album), deep + dark post-punk (2nd album), then up into lighter New Wave and Pop (3rd and 4th).

While ‘Sleep No More’ is my pick, here’s some tracks from each of those albums for a taste. Some of these were surprisingly hard to find.

From ‘Waiting for a Miracle’:

MP3: The Comsat Angels – Real Story
From ‘Sleep No More’:

MP3: The Comsat Angels – The Eye Dance
MP3: The Comsat Angels – Be Brave
From ‘Fiction’:

MP3: The Comsat Angels – After The Rain
From ‘Land’:

MP3: The Comsat Angels – Island Heart

  1. antonio


  2. bob S

    Brilliant band. They single-handidly bridged post-punk to new wave/alt rock. History shines brighter on this band as each day passes.

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