SonusCast is the journey through the shotgun scattered sonic/mental network of a selected guest in each release, in the form of a simple mix. Influences, anthems, beat-gems and anything that fits or refuses to fit.

If you follow the excellent blog YING ☯ YANGS (as I have been fairly religiously), or know know of the Panther Club artist collective / initiative / blog, then you will have come across Jiro Bevis.

I hate doing wanky bio’s on people, so I’ll just say basically, Jiro is one of my fav artists/music nerds around and the moment, and well worth another mp3 of tunes after a solid number of ‘Japs Onry‘ mixes and selections for the brilliant Test Pressing site.

Check out the mix below and Jiro’s musings on the French direction.


San Sebastian Strings – La Gitane
Serge Gainsbourg – Lunatic Asylum
Bella Vista – Mister Wong
Babeth – Bébé Reggae
Guesch Patti – Etienne
Anne Pigalle – Souvenir D’un Paris
Caroline Loeb – C’est La Ouate (Version Longue)
Marco Attali – Relève Du Matin
Serge Delisle – Germaine
Clara Capri – Maudit Dee Jay
Elegance – Vacances J’oublie Tout
Alain Chamfort – Bambou
Lio – Sage Comme Une Image (Version Longue)
Anneclaire – I Want
Style – Playboy En Détresse (Version Longue)
Elli Medeiros – Toi mon toit (Version Longue)
Jean Michel Jarre – Ethnicolor 2
Antena – Noelle A Hawai
Alain Delon – Comme au Cinéma
Paul Martin – Le Troublant Témoignage de Paul Martin
Mikado – Par Hasard

Growing up in England I always had a fascination with the French across the Channel, they always seemed so much more sophisticated than us, their clothes, the way they walked, the sexy ladies, the sleazy men, the wine, the food and especially the movies and music.

I vividly remember watching Polanski’s Frantic on TV as a child and the scene of Harrison Ford inside a disquoteque dancing with the incredibly hot Emmanuelle Seigner, surrounded by smoke, mirrors, women in glittery dresses and rich Arabs watching them while Grace Jones’ ‘I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)’ played in the background.

That along with the movies of Deneuve, Delon, Bardot, Belmondo, Montand, the TV show Eurotrash presented by Antoine de Caunes and Jean‑Paul Gaultier and the footballer Eric Cantona created a very strong visual identity I seemed to have of how cool and sexy things were in France and this was helped along with much of the music that I have listened to over the years.

Probably the fact I failed so miserably at French at school and don’t really understand what the hell anyone is saying helps create this mysterious and sexy idea I have in my head whenever I hear a French person sing or talk as they so often do in their songs.

This mix is a homage to that sexy, sophisticated, sleazy, mysterious feeling that the French have engrained in my curious mind from such a young age, merci beaucoup.

Here’s the scene from Frantic.


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  1. Fzfz

    Awesome mix (a 40 year old French said)! I advice you Bibi Flash’s “Histoire d’un Soir” that could fit in this ” très belle” selection. Sorry didn’t find any link of the original version. Thanks for sharing

  2. jb

    Link for sonuscast 5 is dead :(

    • JD (Author)

      Its hosted on mediafire, so you’ll have to follow the link to download

  3. jb

    That’s what I did, and it says “File Blocked for Violation. The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service. “

    • JD, chuck it on zippyshare.

      Readers, what file sharing service is the ‘norm’ these days?

  4. jb

    Thank you! URL please?

    • JD (Author)

      Sorry about that! Re-upped!

  5. jb


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