Some more supple and soft House. Lately this kind of sound is all I’ve wanted to listen to. If any readers have any similar tracks they want to share, just post a YooToob link in the comments.

Basil (Hardhouse) only released two records on Nu Groove in the very early 90′s, but his track ‘City Streets’ (specifically the ‘Kaoz on City Streets Remix’) has to be one of my all time favourite smooth House songs. Moving, uplifting and with a message (though dance music with a message doesn’t usually resound strongly).

Highly Recc!

MP3: Basil Hardhouse – City Streets (Kaoz on City Streets)
MP3: Basil Hardhouse – The Smooth Track

  1. Popville

    Kaoz on City Streets Remix has made my week. Thnx!

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