third eye


When you’ve been searching for an album for so long, you finally come across it, and it delivers on so many levels and more. An album that REALLY feels like an addition to the collection. For me that was the debut album by Melbourne act Third Eye.

A collab between (some would say) legendary underground Australian artist Ollie Olsen (of Whirlywind, NO, Young Charlatans, Max Q with Michael Hutchence, and contributing to the Dogs In Space soundtrack,) and Andrew Till. Warped, and in some cases dark, 90′s warm colourful (tribal?) electronic beats.

Standout track for me is easily their cover of Russell Morris’ Australian classic, ‘The Real Thing’. I could not stop listening to this for weeks.

Absolutely a classic and hopefully will be heard and picked up by a new generation to appreciate it.

MP3: Third Eye – The Real Thing
MP3: Third Eye – Hyperreality
MP3: Third Eye – Behold The Angel Of Frequency

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