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In a time when new House and Disco labels from the American East Coast are taking turntables around the world by storm, it seems long overdue for a re-evaluation of the historical accomplishments of this fertile scene. While Chicago has often received the lion’s share of the credit, audiences have been far too willing to forget the many analogous sounds originally developed in and around New York by such legendary figures as Francois K, Larry Levan, Tony Humphries, and many other names, all of whom helped to create and sustain a sound parallel to but distinct from simultaneous Midwestern contributions. By the late 1980s, Humphries’ legendary residency at the Zanzibar club had actually almost reached its peak, and by then the axis of new House in the region had shifted across the water to Brooklyn and Manhattan. Labels also began to spring up quickly, and while later comers like Strictly Rhythm, Emotive Records, and many more may have beat them for longevity, trailblazers like Fourth Floor Records and Nu Groove Records deserve much of the credit for opening the gates that led New York’s deep House sound to worldwide prominence by the mid-90s.

Over it’s four year history, it’s often said that the one thing Nu Groove as a label never did was corner its own particular sound. Its list of releases was uniquely diverse and ranged from early Frankie Bones and Kenny Dope records to contributions from future legends like Bobby Konders and Joey Negro and a long list of more minor figures. It was also deliberately partially conceived as a platform for the creative output of Rheji and Ronald Burrell, a pair of Queens-born, New Jersey-based twin brothers with a past rooted in R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop and who were enthusiastically moving forwards into house following sour relations with the more commercially oriented side of the music industry. Under a vast number of aliases, the two underpinned a large swath of Nu Groove’s classic output from this period, with one or the other of the twins taking primary credit for productions nearly always worked out together.

MP3: Voices – Over me
MP3: Voices – Bring Down the Walls
MP3: Rydims – Rydim #1 [Mello]
MP3: Massive Sounds – Ruff & massive (realitytime mix)
MP3: Lazuli Blue – Infinite Domain (Groove Me Mix)
MP3: Lazuli Blue – Infinite Domain (Groove Me Mix)
MP3: Lazuli Blue – Groove Me Rite (Club Mix)
MP3: House of Peace – I Need You
MP3: Groove Committee – I Want You to Know (Vocal)
MP3: Critical rhythm – An illusion
MP3: Basil Hardhaus – Breezin’
MP3: Bas Nior – I’m Glad You Came to Me (Bonus Club Mix)

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