Phil Manzanera

LN-CC, otherwise known as Late Night Chameleon Cafe, is a concept store based in London that stocks a wide array of clothing, amongst other things (check out the great audio gear!).

LN-CC very late last year initiated their in-house record label, providing a platform to release the work of artists who influence LN-CC on a personal level. To kick off the label, LN-CC Recordings on the 12/12/12 launched a 4-part 12″ series, featuring legendary Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera. LN-CC had access to the master-tapes of his solo back catalogue and the ability to work directly with Phil to create some brilliant remixes in co-lab with a wide array of talent – Kenji Takimi, Velvet Season and the Hearts of Gold, Daniele Baldelli, Zsou, Cos/Mes, Secret Fingers, and Theo Parrish.

A very well thought out series with beautiful packaging. Top notch LN-CC! Purchase from their website.

In conjunction with the launch of the remixes, LN-CC hosted an intimate interview and Q&A with Phil at the LN-CC store in London which can be seen here.

MP3: Roxy Music – India (Tropical Computer Edit)

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