Animals Dancing NYD 2014 MEGA PARTY

What a party to bring in the New Year!! ANIMALS DANCING presents their third NYD party for 2014, consisting of a lineup that made my eyes blink twice upon discovery. Being a huge Japanese fanboy, the inclusion of Cos/Mes and CHIDA made me smile and anticipate this party tenfold. The list goes on: Tom of England, Big Strick, Willie Burns, Lovefingers (back once again), Suzanne Kraft, Jonny Nash, Tornado Wallace, Andee Frost, Otologic + more! Hosted across three indoor and outdoor spaces at the Peoples Market’s West Melbourne warehouse.

// TIME: 12PM – 11PM
// TICKET INFO: 1st release $70 + $7 / Final release $80 + $8 [b quick!]
// TICKET PURCHASE: RA / Eventbrite
// MERCH: AD Big Cartel
// info [at] animalsdancing [dot] com [dot] au


- Tornado Wallace
- Otologic
- Andee Frost
- Andras Fox (Home Loan, Dopeness Galore)
- Roland Tings (100% Silk, Club Mod)
- Sleep D (Live)
- Totebagz (Misha Hollenbach & Biscuit)
- Kris Baha
- Laila (Day Care)
- Peace Pipe (Sugaryama)
- Jezadin

// THE MAINS: (text taken from the event promo)

TOM OF ENGLAND (Rub N Tug, Map of Africa, Welcome Stranger)
Thomas Bullock has followed the party to many lands in his time; after starting out in the Queen’s country playing alongside DJ Harvey as part of TONKA HI-FI, Bullock moved to San Francisco to join the Wicked Crew in the early nineties together with Grayhound records’ DJ Garth. Thomas continued to spread his musical seed from coast to coast, moving to NYC in the mid nineties, forming A.R.E. Weapons and going on to begin the now legendary Rub N Tug party and production duo with partner Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks. Production-wise, Thomas has released under a plethora of monikers, including Map of Africa with DJ Harvey, Welcome Stranger, Laughing Light of Plenty, Food of the Gods and most recently Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble which features fellow Animals Dancing family members Tiago and Jonny Nash, A legendary DJ and producer, we’re extremely excited to host Thomas for his first Animals Dancing party!

MP3: ZZ Top – American Cars (Thomas Bullock Edit)
MP3: Map of Africa – Map of Africa (Instrumental)
MP3: Map of Africa – Off the Coast
MP3: Mr Raoul K – Le Triangle Peul (Welcome Stranger’s Remix)
MP3: Spike – Magic Table (Welcome Stranger’s Sunday T Dub)

WILLIE BURNS (L.I.E.S., W.T. Records, Crème Organization)
Also joining the fold is savant basement producer and ‘outsider house’ trailblazer – Willie Burns aka DJ Speculator.

Growing up on New Orleans’ infamous Baudin St, Willie was exposed to music production via his older brother’s aspiring Hip Hop works. Growing up frequenting clubs like The Tunnel, The World, Sound Factory, and the legendary Save the Robots, Willie B eventually moved to New York where he now works in the infamous second hand record and thrift store ‘The Thing‘.
With these ideas running strong through Digital Synth and MPC style Jams on L.I.E.S, Crème Organisation and Sequencias EPs, Burns’ productions maintain a trance-inducing euphony of programming.

Willie has also produced ethereal New Beat/Wave inspired works on Rush Hour, Emotional Response and more under his Black Deer moniker, along with the experimental electronic sounds of his Gackle project, and the Smackulator Ghetto House collaborative project with Danny Wolfers (Legowelt) on the Hague’s institutional Bunker Records.

Since 2009, Willie has also been running the sporadic, yet highly influential W.T Records, featuring releases from Hunee, Entro Senestre and many more, along with the highly successful DJ Muscle series.

MP3: Willie Burns – Dr. Monkey
MP3: Willie Burns – Fantasy, MD
MP3: Willie Burns – Lagrangian Plains
MP3: Willie Burns – Frozen Tunnel Shuffle
MP3: Grackle – Jungle (Disco Uno) (Unit 4 Mix)

BIG STRICK (FXHE, 7 Days Ent., Detroit)
Born in the motor city during the 70s, Leonard Strickland experienced Motown’s peak first hand, growing up with the highly influential label and discovering P-Funk, and eventually House and Techno with the help of The Wizard aka Jeff Mills. Influenced by the sounds of Trax and Metroplex, Strick began running warehouse parties with friend and DJ Patrice Scott, occasionally letting his little cousin Alex (Omar S) tag along.

After releasing an EP and debut LP on Omar S’ FXHE label, Strickland started his own 7 Days Ent. with his follow up Detroit Heat LP in 2011. Strick has since released a number of original EPs along with records from Generation Next and Detroit Techno legend ‘Reckless’ Ron Cook.

MP3: Big Strick Feat. Generation Next – Bloodline
MP3: Big Strick Feat. Generation Next – Origin

COS/MES (ESP Institute, Funiki)
Born out of the art collective Tasha Hisha (iseneehihinee) in 2004, COS/MES developed a crossover style that connected various Tokyo scenes, from skateboarders to ravers, graffiti artists to film makers. Comprised of artists Flatic and 5ive, COS/MES, the cryptic DJ/production duo have been producing a mishmash of graceful electronic music with House, Balearic, and ‘Cosmic Jazz’ influences. Flatic is known for running his mix CD label Soundmore, specialising in left-field sounds, whilst 5ive collaborates with painter Mustone (also of the Tasha Hisha collective) alongside his side-projects Yendakadollyasu, Zamagi and Policeman. Cos/Mes have produced 3 albums over labels ESP Institute, SWC and Snaker, as well as a massive catalog of 12 inch releases and remixes for artists such as Tiago, Lord of the Isles, Discodromo, Phil Manzanera and Soft Rocks.

MP3: Cos/Mes – Chaosexotica
MP3: Cos/Mes – xxx
MP3: Cos/Mes – Iron Deck
MP3: Cos/Mes – Like a Vigin Point
MP3: Cos/Mes – Naruto
MP3: Soft Rocks – Little Lights (Cos/Mes Remix)

CHIDA (Ene Records)
With over 20 years experience DJing and organising parties in Tokyo’s underground scene, Chida is one of Tokyo’s go to DJs and label heads. After spending many years as management and A&R for Kenji Takimi’s Crue-L Recordings, Chida went on to launch his vinyl only DIY style Ene Records in 2009, releasing works from Beppe Loda, Psychogem, The Backwoods, Sly Mongoose & many more. His track “Danca” on ESP Institute’s record for Tsunami relief “12 Inches for Japan” was featured in Andrew Weatherall’s: Masterpiece mix last year.

MP3: Chida – Danca

LOVEFINGERS (ESP Institute, Blackdisco)
This NYD we welcome back past favourite Lovefingers. Owner and curator of ESP Institue and Blackdisco labels, Andrew is a pioneering follicle in the flourishing hairy-house/beard-disco/moustache-techno movement. His DJ sets encompass all the aforementioned with a flair and energy that can only be cultivated through years of DJing and partying the world over. As a producer he has featured on his own labels as well as RVNG Int’l, Internasjonal and Is It Balearic? across both his Lovefingers alias and his collaborations with Lee Douglas as The Stallions, and Secret Circuit as Secret Fingers.

MP3: Slim – Slim Jim (Lovefingers Edit)
MP3: John Martyn – 1984 (Summer of Lovefingers Mix)

SUZANNE KRAFT (Pharaohs, Running Back)
Los Angeles based producer and DJ Suzanne Kraft aka Diego Herrera will also be making his debut trip down under. Operating under his solo moniker on labels like Running Back and Rush Hour, in addition to his role as synth-player in the Pharaohs and upcoming Blasé project with Eddie Ruscha (Secret Circuit, Laughing Light of Plenty), Diego runs the weekly Things of Life show as part of Dublab radio crew and Thriftcotheque parties in LA.

MP3: Suzanne Kraft – Morning Come
MP3: Suzanne Kraft – Femme Cosmic

JONNY NASH (Land of Light, Discossession)
Balearic head, LN-CC buyer and Land of Light band member Jonny Nash will also be sharing his blissed out selections to compliment the sun soaked outdoor area. Jonny has been involved in a number of impressive musical happenings, with a well received album as Land of Light; a recent solo album for Japanese label Snaker; records for Crue-L under the pseudonym Discossession and production as Sombrero Galaxy. Jonny also coordinated the aforementioned Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble performance with fellow NYD guest Thomas Bullock.

MP3: Cos/Mes – Heavenly Trax (Jonny Nash Remix)
MP3: Jonny Nash – Gomibako
MP3: Sea Power & Change – Yesterday Is Dead (Jonny Nash Remix)
MP3: Jonny Nash – Sanjiku
MP3: Jonny Nash – Metabolic


MIX: AD MIX #3: Cos/Mes for Animals DancingSOUNDCLOUD
MIX: AD Mix 5: Suzanne Kraft and Jonny NashSOUNDCLOUD

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